How It Works

What is the set up?

Our Primary Broadband System is a state of the art tower based cellular type network with service speeds up to 1000Mbps to the subscriber. From our network of radio towers we use two different systems to reach our customers, a lightning fast line-of-sight and a Long Range non-line-of-sight service system. Both systems deliver remarkable performance to those customers previously not reached by other broadband providers and to customers who are just plain tired of the other guys service or support! Along with Motorola's incredible security, no other broadband system can deliver the performance you want - when you need it!

We also have fiber connectivity to Pacific, Wildwood, Catawissa, Robertsville and surrounding areas MO to provide direct service with speeds up to 1,000 Mbsp.

When you place an order, one of our professional technicians will install a small subscriber module on or near the roof of your home or business. The technician will then run a wire from the subscriber module to your computer or router. If we connect to your router, you can share your Internet service with any number of computers in your home or business.

Am I Able to Get Service?

Please view our growing coverage area coverage map to see if service may be available to you (Please note this is an estimated coverage map). Your service will need to be checked and verified to be accurate. Some residences or businesses may not be able to receive service due to unforeseen obstacles. We are still growing, so please check with us to confirm your accessibility.

We encourage you to submit an order even if you are not in the coverage area so that we may determine interest in particular areas. This will also allow us to notify you when service becomes available in your area.

Basic installation: $199

Residential Service Packages:

Business Service Packages:

Higher speeds are available.

Service Limitations

Sharing or reselling residential service lines is also not permitted. We do not enforce download caps. The only restriction you will receive is the download and upload speeds of your chosen package.

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