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Self-Help Support

Q. I'm not able to connect to the network. When I try to browse, I recieve a "page not found" message.
A. This error could be caused by several things, but is most likely caused by your computer not being set up properly to connect to the network or a problem with your wireless router if you are using one.

First verify your wireless router is plugged in and lights are blinking. If the router is already plugged in, try resetting the router by unplugging for 15 seconds and then reconnecting. If this fails to solve your issue, please verify the network settings on your computer are correct using the process below

With Windows XP:
Click Start->Control Panel->Network Connections. This will open the Network Connections page. You then need to double click on the icon representing the way you are trying to connect. For instance, if you have a network cable plugged into your computer, double click on the "Local Area Connection" Icon. If you are connecting through a wireless network, click on the "Wireless Network Connection" icon. Then follow these steps: 1. Highlight the row in the list that says "TCP/IP or TCP/IP v4" and click the "Properties" button. 2. Make sure the "Obtain an IP address automatically" button and the "Obtain DNS Server address automatically" buttons are both selected. 3. Click "OK" twice. If this fails to solve your issue, follow this series of steps: 1. Click Start->Run. 2. Type "cmd" and click OK. This will bring up a command prompt window. 3. At the prompt inside this window type "ipconfig /release". Wait for this process to finish and return you to another prompt. 4. At the prompt, type "ipconfig /renew". Try to browse to an Internet site. If this fails to solve your issue, please contact Bays-ET for further assistance.

With Windows Vista or Windows 7:
1. Click Start->Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center 2. Click Troubleshoot Problems. 3. Click Internet Connections. 4. Follow the guidance provided by Windows.

Q. How do I use my Bays-ET email account?
A. You will need an eMail client such as Outlook or Outlook Express that allows you to connect to a "POP" server. You will then need to set up your eMail client to connect to the Bays-ET eMail server. You will need the following information:

Incoming POP server:
Outgoing SMTP mail server:
Username: Your eMail address assigned by Bays-ET
Password: Your eMail password assigned by Bays-ET

Please note that you will also want to make sure you select "Outgoing mail server requires authentication"